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Tasmanian at Heart

At ECS Botanics we are proud to be an Australian owned company, providing paddock to plate hemp products from our own farm and extended grower network in Tasmania. With a long history of farming in Tasmania, and with a passion for the hemp industry, we have 'planted roots' in the pristine Launceston district.

Tasmania provides the perfect growing environment with clean natural resources, an abundance of water, and a moratorium on genetically modified crops.

With our own farm and extended grower network, and through partnering with best in class manufacturers, we deliver quality, innovation and healthier products.

Quality Without Compromise

At ECS Botanics our commitment is to provide great products without compromise. We are passionate about the hemp industry and the health and well-being benefits hemp food and supplements can deliver to consumers of all ages. To deliver the highest standards of quality we have established a vertically integrated business, from paddock to plate, with the highest quality assurance controls.

Hemp foods are highly nutritious and provide a great form of complete protein and a perfect balance of omega fatty acids. As a complete protein it contains all 10 essential amino acids, important for the metabolism of exercising muscles and the proper enzyme formation. With a perfect balance of omega 3 & 6, and bursting with omega-9 fatty acids, it helps to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, support brain function and energy, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and nourish skin.

Hemp as a crop is also a sustainable food source with no impurities, and is great for the environment, absorbing more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop.